Vectorworks 2014 SP4


Das aktuelle SP3 für die neuste Vectorworks Version 2014 ist für MAC und Windows über den Onlineupdater ab sofort verfügbar. Alle Anwender der aktuellen Version können Ihre Version jetzt auf den aktuellen Stand er Technik bringen. Die Anpassungen und Modifikationen sind in den Releasenotes bei nachzulesen, hier ein Auszug:

Vectorworks 2014 SP4 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2014 Service Pack 4.
This is a list of bugs that were fixed or wish list items that were fulfilled. The information comes directly from the bug database as entered by the users who filed the issues.

Issue ID Title
VB-117130 Roof windows don’t show up in OpenGL when on a roof face
VB-116938 If two or more Decal are added and Decal other than the top are removed, the texture of a main part will no longer be shown. (About „Decal“)
VB-116701 Moved hatch is exported wrong in DWG
VB-116607 Symbols in Roof faces don’t render in OpenGL
VB-116575 KLS: Crash, when editing radius vertice of polyline by Move Edges Parallel Mode of Reshape tool
VB-116392 A mesh vertex that unwanted is selected when attempting to reshape.
VB-116350 The symbol arranged as the skylight isn’t shown on the „Roof face“ by OpenGL rendering.
VB-116349 If I exported DXF/DWG when used the Crop(Crop is invisible) in Viewport, the object used at Crop will also be exported.
VB-116109 Edit Design Layer from withing Edit Annotations fails
VB-116101 Scaled symbols not maintaining size when exported to 3DM
VB-115851 „Merged Cross Sections“ Display Option Gives Incorrect Results in Section Viewport
VB-115667 KLS: ODBC – Setting key in db table columns failure
VB-115628 Detail Callout is broken in SP3
VB-115625 Fillet double click
VB-115621 Snaps not fixing horizontal/vertical
VB-115575 No smart cursor default angles while moving the endpoint of a line
VB-115572 DXF/DWG export of markers in viewport annotation results in wrong marker size
VB-115501 Linear Material is displayed incorrectly when a file created in an earlier version (2010) of Vectorworks is opened in VW2014
VB-115298 SmartCursor angle reporting broken in 2014 SP3
VB-115226 KLS: Dim line not interjected in Hidden Line Rendering at dim value any more
VB-115158 Custom RW Render Settings Fail to Transfer When Eyedropper is Used on Viewports
VB-115099 Equipment Record.txt Missing From Landmark
VB-114926 VW Allows DLSVPs to be Moved to Sheet Layers, Causing OIP Problems
VB-114879 Intersect Surface Command Fails on Planar Stipple Objects
VB-114846 When in rotated plan, cannot extend existing lines when they are constrained
VB-114696 When a „GDI+imaging“option is turned ON, the width of a 1 byte space of some fonts will spread, and will be printed. (Win only)
VB-114689 Section Viewport’s Section Fill Fails When „Merged Cross Sections“ are Used
VB-114658 Add Surfaces Causing Wrong Fill (File)
VB-114635 Parking Spaces: Bay Aisle can not be reduced to 1200mm as needed in UK
VB-114605 Windows facing wrong way when move by points is used
VB-114585 Sklight on roof faces
VB-114523 Roof Face „Heated Area“ Calculations Incorrect
VB-114489 VW 2014 Crashes When Rendering Hybrid Symbols in Open GL
VB-114418 KLS: Skylight in roof face not rendered by OpenGL
VB-113368 KLS: Stake Object, center Label text broken
VB-113166 Skylights in a roof do not render in OpenGL
VB-113059 Marquee selecting portions of a mesh does not ignore active vertex, so it also becomes selected
VB-112758 Skylight OpenGL rendering bug
VB-112276 Heliodon: Blue and Yellow Symbols do not display the sun position correctly on plan
VB-109573 Mesh Objects Get Selected Even if Not Fully-Enclosed by the Selection Marquee
VB-105430 Space by collinear walls


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