Vectorworks 2014 SP3


Das aktuelle SP3 für die neuste Vectorworks Version 2014 ist für MAC und Windows über den Onlineupdater ab sofort verfügbar. Alle Anwender der aktuellen Version können Ihre Version jetzt auf den aktuellen Stand er Technik bringen. Die Anpassungen und Modifikationen sind in den Releasenotes bei nachzulesen, hier ein Auszug:

Vectorworks 2014 SP3 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2014 Service Pack 3.
This is a list of bugs that were fixed or wish list items that were fulfilled. The information comes directly from the bug database as entered by the users who filed the issues.

Issue Id Title
VB-102972 IFC Export: Container-master objects do not work wtih symbol instances
VB-105450 Roof face if the slope is Zero does not render the class texture.
VB-108871 Line Types: Defaults with 0,03 line thickness don’t print securely with opacity < 100%
VB-109703 Interactive Preview Fails to Appear When Dragging Bitmaps in 3D Views
VB-110465 Interactive Preview Fails to Appear When Dragging Planar Text
VB-110784 EPS Picture doesn’t show rendered objects properly on Mac
VB-110791 Floating DataBar is not showing values when inserting a Grade, Callout and while Moving the Page
VB-111106 3D Edge Snapping Fails at Certain Zoom Levels
VB-111344 Push/Pull Tool Gives Incorrect Results After Boomerang-Flyover is Used
VB-111502 group containing text not showing preview on 3d views while drag
VB-111654 problems with IFC pset data import
VB-111710 ETC S4 Par Fixture Focus off in Rendered Views.
VB-111713 Custom stair: inserting stair, shows blank and zero values in data bar
VB-111856 Crash aborting resource search
VB-111906 AHA: Vectorworks inaccuracy when mirroring polygons
VB-111908 Vectorworks Not Closing Down Properly
VB-111931 Massing Models Become Corrupted When Rotated/Mirrored
VB-112004 Files rendered in OpenGL do not show properly in quicklook/preview
VB-112071 DLSVP Shifts When „Display Flattened“ Option is Enabled/Disabled
VB-112074 Flickering in the document window when moving flattened section viewport while rendered in Hidden Line
VB-112104 About SeriesG Japanese version, There are cases Borrow does not work properly.
VB-112116 When I selected „Borrow“button on Login Setting Dlg of Vectorworks Preferences, It always becomes the Fundamentals only
VB-112133 File Randomly Renders in Hidden Line During Save Operations – Regression from SP1
VB-112161 ODBC Connectivity Problems: Causing Vectorworks to hang
VB-112171 Hidden line freezes when an exception is thrown
VB-112180 VectorWorks hangs as it closes, after uploading usage log.
VB-112201 Dimension values are shifted, if exported as DXF/DWG with a certain setting.
VB-112231 Attached file – dimension text randomly resorts/stacks when export to pdf
VB-112428 Head Up Display displays zero values in all fields for the Split Tool.
VB-112476 VW switching from OpenGL to Hidden Line rendering when saving
VB-112510 VW crashes when rendering in Hidden line
VB-112537 Clip Surface Command Fails on Planar Stipple Objects
VB-112540 SBE: „Delete Class“ dialog deletes classes that are used by stair PIO thus destroying the stair
VB-112609 Floating Data Bar is Blank when Using the Place Plant Tool
VB-112638 ‚Leader Line‘ caused the dimension’s ‚Text Offset‘ to change after export to DWG
VB-112686 If the object that is set to „Opacity“ in the drawing are mixed, shape is not printed by the thickness of the line(0.03).
VB-112712 Roof Object Shows Incorrect „Square Cut Miter“ Geometry
VB-112725 DLSVP Objects on Non-Active Layer Fail to Render in Current Render Mode
VB-112753 KLS: Cursor pre-selection highlighting error when timer > 0 sec.
VB-112775 VW Crashes When Attempting Cross-Layer Add Surface Operation – SP1 Regression
VB-112789 Visualization problem while converting from 2013 to 2014 (2D Symbol)
VB-112817 Push/Pull Tool Fails When Subtracting from Grouped Extrude Objects
VB-112822 Flattened DLSVPs Show Transparent Section Graphics in Some Polygon Modes
VB-112828 Vectorscript vsoStateGetExitGroup not TRUE on multi-vertex reshape
VB-112833 Zoomimg Issue with Cropped Flat-Section Viewports
VB-112837 The behavior of „Select Only“ on „Custom Selection“ is incorrect.
VB-112838 Walls crash regularly if Connect Walls is ON
VB-112937 VW Crashes When Purge Command is Undone
VB-112958 Offset Fails on Mirrored Rectangle Objects
VB-112970 Planar Arc Objects Get Resized Incorrectly – Regression from SP1
VB-112985 Dimension tool takes the wrong snap points
VB-112987 IFC import not bringing in all infomation
VB-112995 IFC Export of auto hybrid objects fails for matrix based objects
VB-113034 Plant Tool Pickup Mode Fails in Rotated Plan : JBC
VB-113040 Python scripts differ from VectorScript when document origin is changed
VB-113085 Path extrude with more than one path object causing problems in sections
VB-113091 Vectorworks crash while converting a file to version 2014
VB-113114 Image turned black in OS X 10.9 with Vectorworks 2014 SP1 and SP2
VB-113156 Chamfer tool won’t work on lines
VB-113180 If Line Type created by Complex is printed, it will be displayed in a blank paper.
VB-113215 Roof face does not extend to surface of other roofs or roof faces
VB-113223 Can’t extract images from an Image Resource
VB-113225 Create Road From Stakes: Command fails with error message
VB-113236 Converting Rotated Flat Section Viewport to Lines doesn’t Yield Proper Results
VB-113239 Crash when moving SLVP
VB-113248 Space Object Leaks Memory
VB-113261 Crash using Project and Trim tool on roof
VB-113284 Some 3D Export from referenced files Fails
VB-113293 Moving flat section causes wall network flicker when rendered in hidden line – regression from 19.0.1
VB-113300 Add Surface Fails in SP3 When Only Two Objects are Selected
VB-113303 section viewports – display flattened
VB-113306 Crop lines in viewports visible when exporting to VW 2011
VB-113315 Some Hatch Fills Appear Incorrectly in Section Viewports
VB-113320 Crash with VW 2014 SP2 when using openGl and unified view ON/off by changing layer options
VB-113331 Crash when working with Attribute Mapping tool
VB-113349 Localization_Internal string is shown on Hex Bolt (ISO)-3D setting dialog.
VB-113350 Working in a rotated plan doesn´t snap like in „normal“ plan
VB-113380 Odd Behavior When Using Flyover Tool in Viewport Crop Edit Mode
VB-113383 Space object „2D Boundary Display“ not responding to settings changes
VB-113405 Generic Solid Conversion Excludes Different Objects on Each Attempt
VB-113408 Converting Rotated Flat Section to Lines Gives Wrong Result with Wireframe Rendering Option
VB-113422 File freezes after changing layers
VB-113448 Vectorworks will not shut down properly – Windows 8.1
VB-113454 Objects Become Deselected Following Generic Solid Conversion
VB-113543 Bitmaps not showing correctly in current build in Mavericks
VB-113544 Texture re-created in SDK not displayed correctly under OpenGL rendering
VB-113573 Interactive Preview Appears Incorrectly When Drag-Duplicating Planar Text
VB-113583 Vectorworks fails to quit on WinPlatform
VB-113618 Crash When Undoing Texture Edit
VB-113654 DOM: Associative Dimension Clip Tool
VB-113676 Graphic problem persists in new version
VB-113678 Automatic Height Dimension also for Swiss French and Italian version (T00886)
VB-113700 Inserting a Callout set to „Place as Keynote“ does not work on OS X 10.9
VB-113707 Convert to Lighting position has non-localizable Strings.
VB-113718 If you create a Texture from the Add Decal button of OIP, Image Mask is not reflected in the created Texture.
VB-113733 Line Types are not displaying correctly in referenced files
VB-113777 AHA: Decimal separator for numbers cannot be changed under Mavericks
VB-113787 VW 2012 File – Crashes on import, or upon changing layers
VB-113790 Crash: Format image in the worksheet cell
VB-113791 Hardscape area by class textures go away after reshape
VB-113799 Revolve With Rail Command Recognises Planar Objects When Nurbs Are Required : JBC
VB-113809 T01364 – Viewport Render Properties Option in Eyedropper Tool — Light Option –Environment Lighting not saved
VB-113824 Mirrored objects are shifted positions, if exported as Vectorworks 12 file.
VB-113827 KLS: Conversion of symbols from rounded polylines with hole incorrect
VB-113840 OpenGL wireframe „ghosting“ with referenced file (Non-Unified View)
VB-113843 Curtain walls no longer visible in Open GL after editing panel class
VB-113860 Export IFC Project Kills Undo in Active File : JBC
VB-113861 ODBC Issue: When data is attached to objects that are stored within a symbol, data is not updated
VB-113875 Space Objects display size incorrectly at extreme distance from origin
VB-113889 Edit Custom Net Boundary – settings are not observed
VB-113896 Render Bitmap: The created bitmap is black (Non-Unfied View)
VB-113897 Conversion of 2D symbols containing 2D images (PICT)
VB-113917 Hybrid object exporting to IFC crashes
VB-113918 Problems with Hybrid object exporting to IFC
VB-113935 KLS: Export 3DS (3D only) not available since Vectorworks 2014 for students
VB-113939 The Create Detail Viewport command crashes
VB-113941 Site DTM entering Source Model Data causing crash
VB-113969 Sheet Layer Viewport of Flattened Section Viewport on Design Layer Renders Incorrectly in HL : JBC
VB-113972 Display Driver Failure Occurs When Enabling Open GL „Draw Edges“ Option
VB-113980 „Create Joists from Poly“(A „Texture“ Preference of a „Class“ attribute doesn’t work.)
VB-114007 Acquire edge doesn’t work with the reshape tool in the top/plan view
VB-114009 Group is not appearing in a Viewport (File)
VB-114021 Site DTM is crashing for almost every operation we are performing.
VB-114034 Objects not appearing properly in section viewport rendered in Open GL
VB-114037 Section Viewports render sectioning attributes incorrectly
VB-114102 Reshape Tool shows a blue area while moving a point of a polygon
VB-114139 Unified View Becomes Disabled When Editing Section Line Instances
VB-114140 Section Viewports Become Out-of-Date When Section Line Edit is Cancelled
VB-114145 „Zone of Visual Influence“ can cause Vectorworks to freeze.
VB-114146 Section Viewport Ignores Class Override for Objects Beyond Section Plane Class : JBC
VB-114147 DOM: User origin moves, rotated view different Layer Scales
VB-114160 About SeriesG,if you have selected the Designer in the client, VW would start as Designer using the serial of Archi,Spot,Land.
VB-114169 Cropped Bitmaps Fail to Show in Viewports if Their Crop Object’s Class is Invisible
VB-114170 Page based symbols and plan rotation moves the origin
VB-114213 VW crashes when printing with executing OpenGL rendering. (Quartz off, non-Unified View)
VB-114247 Render Bitmap Tool can render all black in non-Unified View
VB-114315 VW slow when switching between documents or performing reference updates in attached file
VB-114326 Jumping symbols – how to recreate
VB-114330 Function DTM6_SendToSurface returns different values on mac and win…
VB-114331 KLS: Move vertices of polygon with reshape tool does not snap to edges of objects in layer plane in certain angles
VB-114337 KLS: Adding vertex in Reshape tool does not show angles
VB-114357 Wall Hole Component invisible in 3D-View when no wall break
VB-114377 Converted Space Objects Fail to Offer <Space Class> as an Option for 2D Boundary : JBC
VB-114378 In Design Layer Viewports in OpenGL, some objects are rendered in wireframe when Unified View is off.
VB-114380 OpenGL, Renderworks, when Export EPSF, correctly file is not output.
VB-114381 When Export PICT, be displayed the Rulers in File.
VB-114384 Failed IFC imports
VB-114422 Acceptance test bug: Polygon and Polyline resizing is broken on Top/Plan view for polys on 3D planes parallel to screen.
VB-114464 Flattened Design Layer Section VP Properties affecting VP
VB-114476 IFC Import cases crash
VB-114478 ALIS does not stop when executing „the Quit“ menu.(Japanese Network version:SeriesF)
VB-114482 KLS: Fillet tool 1st mode crash bug in case radius matches half of edge length of object
VB-114544 Flattened Section Viewport Shifts after Exporting from VW2015 to VW2014
VB-114549 Section Viewport Fails to Convert Correctly from Vw 2012 and Takes on Out of Date Attributes : JBC
VB-114565 Force Select Not Working with Flattened Section Viewports
VB-114597 Flattened Section viewport changes appearance when layer options is set to ‚Gray Others‘ while in perspective view


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